TAHFM Committees
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TAHFM Committees perform tasks all year long that are vital in the success of the organization. The committees meet on their own schedule and provide reports to the board of directors. An organization is only as strong as the committees who make things happen in order to achieve success!


The Membership Committee works closely with the TAHFM board to serve the needs of TAHFM members by soliciting feedback from members and recommending goals and strategies to retain current members and recruit new members. This committee acts as the "eyes and ears” of the regions providing a conduit for dialogue and discussion between the grassroots membership and the Board of Directors.

Communications / Website / Newsletter

The Communications Committee supports and oversees communication with TAHFM membership via the newsletter and website.  They coordinate collection of news items and articles for publication in the quarterly print newsletter, monthly electronic newsletters and website.

Scholarship & Awards

The Scholarship & Awards Committee will plan and promote the successful execution of the distribution of scholarships and awards each year.  The committee will determine the need and the appropriate means of advertisement to the membership for submission of application or promotion of these awards.  In addition, the committee is responsible for reviewing all submissions and selecting recipients.

Education / Regional Programs

The Education Committee will assess the needs of members by analyzing internal and external market research to identify opportunities that bring value to membership.  The committee will develop programs that support the TAHFM mission and will work closely with TAHFM staff to provide members with a valuable professional development opportunity. The objective of this committee is to plan and promote the educational events of the region.  Programs should be designed to ensure that both corporate and single member institution attending the program have the opportunity to obtain timely, high-end education and industry information that is leveraged throughout the agenda.  This committee includes webinars, area networking luncheons and regional programs.

Willingness to Serve

Now is a great time to volunteer and become actively involved in TAHFM. By completing this form you are expressing your interest in serving in your area of specialization, expertise or interest.

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