TAHFM Scholarships
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TAHFM Scholarships

The Rufus J. Cleghorn, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Rufus J. Cleghorn, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is to promote and encourage the higher education of facilities management personnel. Consistent with TAHFM's mission to assist our membership in professional development through support, education and collaboration, the fund was established to provide scholarship opportunities for TAHFM members and non-members to continue or further their education. Toward this goal, TAHFM established the scholarship fund through which it provides scholarship opportunities for those interested in the facilities management field.

Scholarships are accepted on a rolling basis.

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Rufus J. Cleghorn, Jr.

Rufus Cleghorn Jr. grew up just outside of Waco, Texas, and served as the Director of Plant Operations at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center of Waco during the 1980’s. Those who knew Rufus personally can attest to his outstanding support of hospital engineering and the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management. He served on the Board and as President in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He was the recipient of the Bob Paul Award for Excellence in Facilities Management in 1992.

Rufus was the type of man who openly shared his professional views as well as his personal observations. His style of management was to provide open communication and expectations, give praise and credit to individual team members and take personal responsibility for things that did not necessarily go the way we had planned. His pleasant demeanor and willingness to help made him a focal point in the society for new engineers learning the hospital engineering profession.

Rufus maintained a close working relationship with the Plant Engineering Technology Program at what was then Texas State Technical Institute, now called Texas State Technical College. Rufus had the keen insight to develop students in the discipline of healthcare engineering at TSTC for placement in Texas hospitals. With the help of Rufus, many students were placed in Texas hospitals for internships. Many of these students went on to permanent jobs at the facilities with which they interned and demonstrated the success of the program in developing engineers for such a challenging career. Rufus served on the Advisory Board for the College and gave valuable insight into curriculum development that would help prepare the students for a fastpaced career in healthcare.

Rufus passed away in 1992 in a car accident while returning from a consulting trip to Abilene. His untimely death left his loving wife and two young twin daughters devastated and left the healthcare engineering community in a state of shock. He was well respected not only professionally but personally as well. In an effort to carry on his desire to train future hospital engineers, TAHFM established the Rufus J. Cleghorn Jr. Scholarship Fund in his honor in 1995. This annual scholarship is available to students who meet the criteria established by the Board.

TAHFM started the first annual Rufus J. Cleghorn Memorial Golf Tournament in 2006 to facilitate the development of sustainable resources for the scholarship fund. Thanks to the generous sponsorships the committee’s hard work and all those who participated last year, TAHFM is proud to present the 2008 Rufus J. Cleghorn Memorial Scholarship.

During each fiscal year (Sept 1 - Aug 31), scholarships may be awarded to applicants meeting the scholarship criteria described below. The maximum annual award is $2500 per individual.

  1. Applicants must be Texas residents.

  2. Active Facility Manager: Scholarship awards are first granted to full time Healthcare Facility Management professionals who work and reside in the State of Texas. Minimum GPA of 2.75 (cumulative) is required as part of the scholarship application. The applicant is required to pursue a formal degree plan for bachelors or masters preparation in a field of study that compliments a career in facilities management. Examples may include business, engineering, finance, or other related coursework. These grants may be targeted toward Texas college or universities, or nationally recognized colleges or universities (on-campus or on-line program) with the appropriate coursework and degree plan considered. Active Facility Management professionals who are members of TAHFM are eligible for an annual scholarship grant of $ 2500.

  3. Students: Students at a Texas college or university who are actively seeking future employment in a healthcare facilities management or related course of study are also eligible to apply for a scholarship grant. Requirements include a full-time undergraduate or graduate student (12 credit hours) attending a Texas accredited institution. Minimum GPA of 3.0 (cumulative) is required as part of the scholarship application. Students who meet these requirements and are student members of TAHFM are eligible for an annual scholarship grant of $ 1000.

  4. Proof of enrollment and GPA from preceding semester (as applicable). This document should be sent directly from the school's registrar to TAHFM.

  5. A formal letter of recommendation from an industry professional or healthcare administrator is required. Your letter of recommendation should be sent directly from the source, under separate cover from your application. Letters can be sent via email to info@tahfm.org or mailed to TAHFM, PO Box 26498, Austin, TX 78755.

  6. A Written Narrative, 500 words minimum, is required within the application. Candidates should describe their reasons for their interest in the field of facilities management.
The TAHFM Scholarship Committee reviews all applications on an ongoing basis and provides a recommendation to the TAHFM Executive Committee. The TAHFM Board makes the final decision regarding all scholarship requests, typically via its monthly Board meeting process.
Once the Board has taken action on an application, the applicant will be notified of the decision via e-mail.

Chandler Evey - Texas A&M University
Elisa Gonzalez - University of Houston
James Pineda - Penn State Harrisburg
Dennis Ford - Texas A&M University - School of Public Health
Render Villalta - Texas A&M University
Jason Lea - Texas A&M University - Texarkana
Michael Walrath - University of Houston


Briseida Hernandez - Texas A&M University
James Pineda - Penn State Harrisburg
Scott Reeves - Capella University
Render Villalta - Texas A&M University
Michael Walrath - University of Houston
Oasis Wentworth - Texas A&M University


Nephtali Gonzalez - Harris
Scott Reeves - Capella University

2018 Interlink Scholarship

Registration and Travel Stipends Available for a Limited Number of Applicants! TAHFM recognizes the difficult budget times facing many of your facilities and has made available the funding to provide complimentary Interlink 2018 registration fees as well as travel stipends to a select number of applicants in addition to the registration scholarship. We hope this will provide those facility members with limited resources an opportunity to attend this year's conference.

Interlink Scholarship Applications are due Friday, February 2, 2018

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TAHFM may provide a stipend or grant a waiver to attend the annual Interlink Educational conference based upon the following criteria:

  • Students interested in pursuing a Healthcare Facilities Management or related career and/or are enrolled in a facilities management or related course of study at a Texas college or university.

  • Leadership of Critical Access hospital or acute care hospital, less than 50 beds.

  • Active Healthcare Facilities Management professionals who, because of great distances, or financial means of their organization, cannot attend Interlink.

  • Healthcare Facilities Management professionals in a geographical region of Texas where TAHFM is actively working to increase membership and industry leadership.

  • First time Interlink conference attendees, with an interest in expanding their participation with TAHFM committees who may meet one or more of the above criteria.

  • Healthcare Facilities Management professionals who have brought significant value or recognition to the TAHFM organization in the most recent 12 months, or who, in the opinion TAHFM, deserve a complimentary Interlink registration due to Merit.


  1. Applicant for an Interlink conference registration waiver submits the application below.

  2. TAHFM’s Scholarship Committee will review applications for eligibility. The number of scholarships granted will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  3. All scholarship recipients will be granted complimentary registration to Interlink. Travel and hotel stipends will be granted to some applicants based on the committee's specifications.

  4. Acceptance of these Interlink Waivers may require further participation within TAHFM’s committee structure or a future task force.

  5. The decision of TAHFM’s Executive Committee in regards to these grants are final.

Rufus J. Cleghorn, Jr. Winners 2016-2017

Chandler Evey - Texas A&M University
Render Villalta - Texas A&M University
Anarosa De Los Reyes - Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Samantha Branum - University of Houston
Antonio Suarez - University of Texas Permian Basin

Thank you to our 2018 Diamond & Platinum Sponsors

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