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Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management

History of the Organization

Conception… The organization was originally formed at Harris Hospital on February 15,1958, as the North Central Texas Hospital Engineer's Association. In November 1969, the Association affiliated with the Texas Hospital Association becoming the Texas Association of Hospital Engineers. In April 1991, the Association changed its name to the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management or TAHFM.

History… The Texas Hospital Association managed TAHFM until 1995 at which time it was decided that the management would be transferred into HealthShare (a subsidiary of the Texas Hospital Association). In 1996, times were hard financially for many of the societies. TAHFM was taken under an umbrella corporation entitled TAHP. This corporation was designed to help the group of societies being managed by HealthShare/THA to remain financially viable. It was thought that sharing expenses and resources would be a financial tool for the organizations. This effort failed. The corporation was dissolved and the societies became individual entities once again.   TAHFM was merged with 3 other organizations in 1999 to form a consortium that could provide membership services to fields related within the healthcare industry. These were Texas Association of Healthcare Materials Management, Texas Society of Sterile Processing Professionals, and the Texas Society of Healthcare Environmental Services, many of which are still members of TAHFM today. The name of the new merger was Texas Association of Healthcare Support Services or TAHSS.  In August 2002, the Texas Hospital Association and its subsidiaries made the decision to cease providing management services to the societies. The financial condition of TAHSS was very grim at this time. TAHFM decided to separate itself from the merged group and focus its efforts on regaining financial composure and providing a more positive approach at providing significant member benefits tailored directly to facilities management and/or environmental services.

As of September 1, 2002 TAHFM was once again "on its own” and managed independently. TAHFM became a 501 (C)(3) organization and was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Those purposes include: To advance the use of sound, safe and modern facility management in all Texas hospitals and related health care facilities and to interchange ideas and experiences and otherwise encourage close cooperation among health care facility managers, thereby furthering the education and personal development of its membership for more effective individual and group contribution to optimum patient care.

Present Time…TAHFM is governed by a 9 member board of directors that are represented from various areas of the state. These board members are nominated and elected by the general membership. They serve 2 years on the board in overlapping terms. The executive director acts as the secretary/treasurer or the 10th member. An additional two board members are appointed by the president each year including one member from the field of environmental services and one member from within the associate membership. The boards of directors meet on a monthly basis. Dates for the meetings are made available on the calendar located on the website.

The governing body also consists of 8 regional directors who serve the membership from across all areas of the state. These representatives act as a liaison to the members providing a continuum of services to the hospitals within their area and an outreach source to prospective members. They assist the board of directors in the planning of educational needs geographically and at various times will hold "special events” within their own region.

TAHFM currently has over 400 active members and estimates it has only reached a possible 30% of the market at this time. TAHFM is very much financially solvent thanks to the continued support of its active members, associate members and its valued sponsors. Membership has increased steadily over the past 4 years especially since the creation of regional programs in 2005. Retention rates are still undetermined since this inception. Members represented come from hospitals with 25 beds to systems with more than 6,000 beds. TAHFM also has an additional 189 associate members. The potential there is unlimited. Total membership as of April 30, 2009 is 421 members. Renewals are processed each year in January.

To find out more about TAHFM and how you can become involved, contact a member in your region today!

Plan to attend Interlink, the annual conference and trade show normally held in April each year!

2005 - Arlington, TX, April 20-22
2006 - Houston, TX, April 19-21
2007 - San Antonio, TX, April 18-20
2008 - Dallas, TX, April 15-18
2009 - Houston, TX, April 19-22
2009 - Dallas, TX, April 11-14
2010 - Dallas, TX, April 11-14
2011 - Dallas, TX, April
2012 - Dallas, TX, April
2013 - Houston, TX, April 7-10
2014 - Dallas, TX, March 30 - April 2
2015 - Houston, TX, March 29 - April 1
2016 - Dallas, TX, April 3 - 6
2017 - Houston TX, March 26-29

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TAHFM is the state chapter representing American Society of Healthcare Engineering & Association for the Healthcare Environment
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