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If you are trying to renew your EXISTING TAHFM dues, please visit the Membership Renewal Page by clicking on the "Membership Renewal" button below.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the TAHFM's membership structure so that you choose the correct member type below. Note: Only hospital employees qualify for Healthcare Facility Membership, and once you have set up your membership, you can add unlimited staff for free. Please read the category descriptions carefully before selecting your member type.

Healthcare Facility Membership is available to healthcare-related facilities (those that provide patient care). Dues in the amount of $150 are assessed to the facility each year on January 1. Additional Members from the SAME facility may register at no additional cost. If you are a New Healthcare Facility trying to join TAHFM, please complete the registration spreadsheet linked at the button below.

TAHFM is focused on making changes that benefit our members, and we are excited about what this new member structure means for our growing community of healthcare professionals. If for some reason, this does not work for you, please don't fret. Please fill out this form to request discounted dues. We’ll evaluate all options, and find something that will work best for you! Our goal is to grow our community, so we'll work closely with our members to ensure this is a good fit. [Request Discounted Dues]

Primary Associate Membership is available to those individuals or representatives that provide professional, technical and consulting services or sell products or services to Professional Active Members, but whose employers are not healthcare providers (providing patient care). Qualifying members include planners, consultants, architects, interior designers, consulting engineers, manufacturers, vendors, sellers of contracted services, and federal, state, and local healthcare facilities inspectors. Dues in the amount of $200 are assessed to the organization each year on January 1. Primary Associate Members may register two Additional Associate Members from the same organization at no additional charge.

Educator/Student Membership Non-Voting is available to full-time educators or college students teaching or taking course work related to any discipline represented by the Society. Dues in the amount of $25 are assessed to the student each year on January 1.

Retired Membership is available to Professional Active Members who have fully retired and still desire to belong to the Association. Retired Members may vote, serve on committees and participate in the Actions for Professional Excellence (APEx) recognition program, but may not hold office. Dues in the amount of $25 are assessed to the member each year on January 1.

If you are not certain which membership type applies to you, please contact us at or call 512-220-4291.

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